All food served to our customer are freshly made and delivered in the same day. No frozen food ever came out from our kitchen.


Since we understand that our children bodies are in the stage of growth, especially kids below 5years’ nutrition balanced is essential. Our entire product constantly supplies balanced nutrition and certain textures advised by our nutritionist.


We developed the recipe from our favorite home cook guided by professional chef. We use only the best ingredients: organic vegetable - pesticide free, premium quality of fruits and meats

At Baby Bar, we understand that many parents do not always have time, or indeed the inclination to spend hours and hours in the kitchen preparing batches of food for their little one. Even parents with the best of intentions of home cooking, will find times when they will need an alternative. This does not mean you have to compromise!

This is indeed the situation we were in, with our little one. We were happy to home cook everything, but there were always occasion when this would not be practical, or we just didn’t have time. On looking round at the alternatives in the market we were bitterly disappointed. The meals tasted bland (not even with a natural taste), the texture was odd, and the nutritional value was poor - no wonder our little girl wouldn’t touch them - we wouldn’t, so why would she? To cut a long story short... this led to the birth of Friendship run Baby Bar. We hand produce each and every meal to the highest of standards, as you would be at home, and we never, ever compromise on taste, quality of ingredients or nutritional content.
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