Mom Olina from Batam (visited Jakarta) said, Oh My your Prawn Toast is fantastic!! My baby has never eaten this much ever. Would you mind sharing recipe? My sweetheart just LOVES it!!! This is my easy and happy trip ever, bringing small kid along without stressing for her meals. Well now we are back to Batam again, thank you Baby Bar.

Mom Cella and Baby Shafira from North Jakarta, I am so happy with Baby Bar’s service, at the same time my baby gal has chance to try varied menu. Cooking isn’t my thing and preparing small dish is quite a waste, as I have to buy whole pack of organics!! Therefore I am so happy apparently to have Baby Bar. And I have just reckon some closed friends to check out BABY BAR food, hope your service will be this good as always, though you have lotz of consumers. Success!!!

Mom Micky from Central Jakarta, Thanks for your food delivery today Baby Bar, My son loved it much!! Fuih… after stressed out couple of weeks, finally meal time today was so enjoyable, thank you so much Baby Bar.

Mom Vera and Baby Jessica from Bintaro, My 2 years old daughter has been very picky eater, and today surprisingly she finished Salmon steak by herself while I left her for few min. I was so happy and definitely will be your fans for long long time. Thank you Baby Bar

Mom Suci from Melbourne, my 7months old baby Shawn was treated this Baby Bar food by my very best friend, while my whole family visited Jakarta last June. My husband is really strict for Shawn’s meals. And end up we are very happy with them. They serve fresh food inside bottle, unlikely long shelf life baby brands out there.  Hope to see them in local market here one day.

Mom Sara with her 2 kids from South Jakarta: Keiko and Kenzie, Baby Bar thank you so much, our Keiko loves your Beef Baked rice so much, and her elder brother did too. We are definitely will be your fans for long time.  Thank you…

Mom Nuru Amalia, Surabaya East Java; Baby Bar thank you so much, my baby loves your meals a lot, we are so happy ☺ from now on travelling with my lil one is so much easier without worrying of her meals during trip, we can call Baby Bar anytime, right? Thank you Baby Bar

Mom Maria S from West Jakarta, I am so happy today because my baby boy had a wonderful lunch. It’s been few weeks since my baby boy teething and refused to eat. However today our lunch time was so much fun, especially dessert time, he loves your mousse pudding a lot… he even tried feeding himself. Thank you Baby Bar, we are really happy with your food and service ☺

Mom Mariana and Baby Feiyi from East Jakarta; Thank you Baby Bar, I will definitely order again and again, because I love you so much. I trust Baby Bar to provide healthy meals for my beloved cutie pie. I trust your process of preparing food and sources materials are always at best quality. I am always very particular especially for my baby’s dishes and before I have never trust her dishes to other hand, however I trust Baby Bar so much and in fact we are in love…. Thank you Baby Bar for being with us.

Mom Heleni and princess Lizbeth from East Jakarta: Hi Baby Bar, our lizbeth loves your toddlers menu so much today, she kept saying yummy mommy ☺ while enjoying Baby Bar “Eggtoast Tuna Brulee” and finished 2 choco mousse pudding in minutes. Thank you Baby Bar, having you helping me a lot as mother of 2 kids ☺

Mom Sanna C and baby Helen 7mo; Yippie Baby Bar, I am wondering if it’s fine for my 7mths old baby gal finished 1 full bottle of puree at once? Is it normal? I am just worried if she is overfed but she seemed always happy and I couldn’t stop feeding her and in no time 1 whole bottle of butternut pumpkin puree is done. However, I am so happy with your healthy and tasty baby food which gives my baby more variety of food every single day. And since we cater with Baby Bar, my lil Helen Is never get constipation anymore. Thank you Baby Bar, you have done a good job!!
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